Wednesday, 7 December 2011

life has been eating up my time

I'd really like to be an actual personal blog but I just can't find the time
well okay that's a lie I have plenty of time i'm just too lazy lmao

welp let's start

school has been going okay, though due to my school being so far i have to miss a lot of days because of no rides etc. etc. The work load itself is easy though, they give me a full booklet complete with everything i need to learn/due instead of just giving me a paper and saying "finish this in an hour" so I can easily take it home and work on it.

I've ordered a really cute sweater+short combo from kumimakiko! I'm expecting it to arrive shortly after Christmas :-)

My best friends have went to see DIR EN GREY today, I really hope they had fun. They both really deserved it <3
I'd like to see them one day myself, watching live videos on youtube actually hit a nerve idk. That band means a lot to me, they've gotten me through a lot of tough times. I know it's easy to say something like that but i honestly mean it, i wouldn't have my current view of life and the world if it wasn't for their music.

As for my style as of late, I've been really into tsuyome, kuro gal style and just rock styles in general. I'd like to achieve a good look in those styles while i work on a more hime-esque wardrobe for now.
Since I live on a reserve it takes a little longer to order things, it also means i have to order things all at once or separately. I don't know if that makes sense lmfao whatevs
I still need a wig for my dave cosplay, i don't know when that's going to happen
I'm getting my prescription soon so i can finally order circle lenses 
I'm going to get green ones and red ones 

So Yesterday i went to the doctors at my dad's work and found out i had Psoriasis on my eyebrow, nose and all over my arms
It's gotten really really really bad, like i usually edit it out by brightening the photo and going over it with a blur tool or something but it's actually really bad lmfao
I have two really acidic creams for them, it's really burning and itchy rn omg i want to scratch it but i can't haha

I also got some cabochons today :-)
They're christmas themed and i made some cute christmas nails! pics of my nails to come soon though lol
I have a dinner to go to tomorrow so I'm going to wear them there 
Also I can't english i'm sorry lmao

I'm done for now

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


this is going to be a lengthy post i guess
ignore it lol

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I tried to draw kyo again
i like it
i didn't use any references except for tattoos
i'm proud of myself ;v;

as you know, last weekend i went to my auntie's

me and my cousin tyrone decided to go to the pow wow grounds
and take some pictures
unfortunately, my camera died .__.
it was fun
we chilled on top of the announcer's booth for a bit
then we had a sword fight in the bushes

This school week was alright, i went home early today because
i wasn't feeling too well
and i just found out i'm staying home tomorrow as well...
early weekend????????
i'm hoping nae can come over and we can have our
~*halloween gal photo shoot*~

My costume is a secret until pictures are posted!

I made a new twitter too
you should follow me!


Sorry for the lack of...
I'm planning a serina/cocona make up tutorial
idk if i should do video or a slideshow
the video camera hasn't been working
too well lately :U

i'm gonna go finish making a new header maybe
good night.

halloween kasjdlaj

I have my outfit planned out already, I even made halloween nails!
I'm working on taking some creepy photos for a halloween theme
maybe tomorrow ;v;
i've been so slow lately, i'm so sorry ;~;

Monday, 26 September 2011


this weekend was fantastic!
We went shopping and we got gorgeous outfits and eyelashes LOL
This is what i got;

Monday, 19 September 2011

New nails + Small Update

Boop boop boop
So these are my nails this week!
They're fairly simple than what I normally wear,
but I like them.
They have teddy bears on them (゜ω゜)

So Nae came over this weekend, it was really fun!
We looked at wigs, we're getting our dave and john
wigs from cosplaywigsusa sometime next week maybe
I was planning on getting a peachy coloured wig from mintymix sometime
soon as well.
Our little fun box has become our joined bank LOL
We're saving up for brand clothing for both of us and more wigs!
And eyelashes of course ;v;

So, like around 4 weeks ago maybe, this girl asked me to make her
a pair of dread falls, I haven't worn them in over a year
actually. So I told her i'll make her a pair for
around $60
She agreed
and she's getting them this week
only problem
i didn't start until last night .___.
But it's okay!
I'll finish them before Thursday, I was working all night on them!

I'm really happy, someone is paying me for making stuff LOL

Well, that's it I guess.
I'll try to update this blog every sunday/monday/ weekend i guess
I update my tumblr daily, much to the point of annoyance
follow if you want!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

hey there

so i had my first day if school today
I am so wiped out omg
i came home
and just 
passed out for a good 3 hours rofl
i really like it there though, it was really fun!
Also since i'm getting bored of talking about my day
have a picture of my nails
these are the ones i got at forever 21, 
I thought they looked cool and it'd give me a nice
break from making them
oh god
they're so long
like omg ar3oie;fma
in more exciting news
i'm now dating my good friend simon rofl
this is embarrassing to talk about
but yeah
i have a date with him on friday
i'm really excited ;v;

nothing much to this post
just to show that i'm still here
i don't know how to reply to comments
so when i get comments
i get super happy
then saddened that i can't comment back LOL

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


This week has been really uneventful lately
i did go shopping though,
i picked up a really nice vintage locket and matching earrings.
I also got these really cute polka dot tights, a cardigan and a striped mini skirt.
I also did my nails again!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

boop boop

hey guys

omg so i'm trying to update more and more
but my life is so boring omg
also that's a drawing of me i did LOL
I feel like i could work the shit out of that shirt when i ever get it

So I've started a small 'fund' with my friend for our shirts,
i figure this way it'll keep me from spending my money on other shit LOL

I'm also ordering the 3 tone gray circle lenses from thedollyeye
and more diamond lash because
i only have one left
and i feel like 
it's mocking me

I registered at school today
i'm taking advanced courses in everything
it's actually really refreshing, I'm glad I'm going to this school now *A*


I made a fansign for my friend Lukas, []
I really like this picture ;__;
my eyes look really nice it's odd ;A;
and here's a more unattractive picture of me drinking from a blood bag LOL

I look really tired in these photos, mainly because i stayed up all night prior 8)
it was GREAT

have a nice day guys

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

bull spit

hey guys lol
this weekend was pretty fun, Nae came over and all we did was play left 4 dead and buy halloween stuff at the dollar store LOL
We made plans to cosplay john egbert and dave strider though 8)
I'm excited for this, we're not really into cosplay AT ALL but since we both really love homestuck and we like going to cons, we thought this would be pretty boss *v*

here are my nails for this week

I reused some of the deco stuff from old hello kitty nails
I bought when we went to Vegas a few months back ;v;
The stickers were from Sephora and wal mart
and the nail polish I used was called Blizzard Blue from Sally Hanson's Xtreme Wear line
The red nail polish I used is from Revlon's Matte Suede collection


I'm kind of excited for school to start,
mainly because i'm going with people i actually enjoy being around (ie nae and jaron LOL)
I'm really going to miss Flower and Leoshia though,
I recently got Flower into Gyaru fashion! That was a big accomplishment for me LOL

so um yeah.
Hi guys.
Hi followers who are too scared to comment on my shit ;_;
talk to me I'm cool 8)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

hey guys

i decided to start over here
i deleted all my posts

so let me just make another quick introduction post / explanation lol

my name is Mandy, I am 15 years old and I have recently started in gyaru fashion and this is basically my blog showcasing how that's going, how i'm doing, improving etc.

I am Plains Cree and reside on a reserve called Hobbema,
my favourite band and inspiration for everything is DIR EN GREY
my current obsessions are Homestuck and the AV gal Serina

this is how i look
i have long red hair and wear glasses usually.

i'm hoping one day i'll become a really good gyaru, and maybe people will look up to me wow this is getting embarrassing lol run on sentences everywhere

so yeah ;A;
Hay guys

my tumblr is here ->
but like i said, i'm on a homestuck kick right now so that's basically all you'll see and i know not many people like it so ;~;

I'll also try to update here as often as possible