Friday, 8 November 2013


I can't believe it's already almost been a month since I last posted!
I've been doing such a bad job at keeping track I swore to myself that I made one already wwww


middle of October; I got my package from dreamv! in it contained a winter jacket, and two one pieces!
They all fit soo gorgeous (the dress doesn't fit over my boobs in a way that's comfortable though so i'm saving it until I lose more weight ;___; )

pic of everything
and here's the links to everything if you're interested in seeing
a better photo 
the coat is soooo amazing like I can't even begin 
it's not too thick unfortunately but it does do it's job lmao
and i live in the middle of nowhere in a really REALLY cold place
during the winter (it snowed like the day before halloween)
and it's so warm ;w;
the inside is printed with leopard print which I thought was really cute ehehe

I also got pokemon last month too and I finished it in the same week and lemme tell u

i'm sad and I already miss it

If any of my readers (doubt it) ever want to trade hmu w/ ur friendcodes tho

Halloween itself was a blur; I've been really sick the week during
but my friend Jaron and Gerrod promised to take me out!
unfortunately; some stuff came up so they couldn't and I was already
in my costume so my parents and I went to town to scare people
in wal mart lol
here is my makeup + outfit for that day anyway!
I was a forest princess ヾ(*´∇`)ノ 
you can't really tell in this photo but I was wearing like
4 skirts omfg and it still didn't look how I wanted it too
oh well! I felt cute and that's all that matters

That's pretty much all that's new in my life I guess??
I made a few new friends which is nice!
My cousin Owen brought one of his friends over and introduced us
which resulted in me doing his makeup and hanging out in the living room lmao
He's really REALLY gorgeous and he invited me to do his makeup next time
he goes out! He also invited me out to a movie with his friends
whenever we get the chance and I'm excited!

Other than that my life has been pretty boring www
all I've been doing is drawing for like 5 hours in a day
I need a job ;;;;;
anyway thanks for reading! here's a semi recent photo since I got better anyway

in other more important news;
I don't even think this is real ahhhhhhh
I'd love to expand on this more but I feel like I've written waaaay too much and my way of writing
isn't very good so I apologize;;
until next time!!

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