Friday, 8 November 2013


I can't believe it's already almost been a month since I last posted!
I've been doing such a bad job at keeping track I swore to myself that I made one already wwww


middle of October; I got my package from dreamv! in it contained a winter jacket, and two one pieces!
They all fit soo gorgeous (the dress doesn't fit over my boobs in a way that's comfortable though so i'm saving it until I lose more weight ;___; )

pic of everything
and here's the links to everything if you're interested in seeing
a better photo 
the coat is soooo amazing like I can't even begin 
it's not too thick unfortunately but it does do it's job lmao
and i live in the middle of nowhere in a really REALLY cold place
during the winter (it snowed like the day before halloween)
and it's so warm ;w;
the inside is printed with leopard print which I thought was really cute ehehe

I also got pokemon last month too and I finished it in the same week and lemme tell u

i'm sad and I already miss it

If any of my readers (doubt it) ever want to trade hmu w/ ur friendcodes tho

Halloween itself was a blur; I've been really sick the week during
but my friend Jaron and Gerrod promised to take me out!
unfortunately; some stuff came up so they couldn't and I was already
in my costume so my parents and I went to town to scare people
in wal mart lol
here is my makeup + outfit for that day anyway!
I was a forest princess ヾ(*´∇`)ノ 
you can't really tell in this photo but I was wearing like
4 skirts omfg and it still didn't look how I wanted it too
oh well! I felt cute and that's all that matters

That's pretty much all that's new in my life I guess??
I made a few new friends which is nice!
My cousin Owen brought one of his friends over and introduced us
which resulted in me doing his makeup and hanging out in the living room lmao
He's really REALLY gorgeous and he invited me to do his makeup next time
he goes out! He also invited me out to a movie with his friends
whenever we get the chance and I'm excited!

Other than that my life has been pretty boring www
all I've been doing is drawing for like 5 hours in a day
I need a job ;;;;;
anyway thanks for reading! here's a semi recent photo since I got better anyway

in other more important news;
I don't even think this is real ahhhhhhh
I'd love to expand on this more but I feel like I've written waaaay too much and my way of writing
isn't very good so I apologize;;
until next time!!

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Friday, 11 October 2013


So as I write this it is currently 2:53 am Friday morning

I have a lot of plans, or (well not really), for this weekend
one of which being Nikki's birthday dinner later! I'm not 100% sure if i'm for sure going, but it honestly did mean the world to me that I was even invited in the first place! My bro also invited me to this pokemon ,,thing?? on Saturday and again i'm not sure if it's concrete or not but i'm excited! Mostly because, well,
pokemon man, and of course the always fun family bonding time which was something I always really liked. 

Lets seeeeeeeeeeeee quick recap of this week; 
I went to school on Tuesday! I wore a really REALLY cute outfit that i unfortunately forgot to take pics of :-\\\\ I'm 3/4 done my math course which is really exciting hehe. I went home early that day though, mostly because I just?? wasn't really feeling it I guess. If anything, I just go there and drop off/pick up work which is fine by me considering the fact no one I know even goes there anymore except Lance and we don't really talk as much as I'd like lol. BUT It's all good because it's given me a lot of free time to myself and being me not using that time wisely i watched SOOO MUCH ANIME i'm weaboo trash tbh

I've watched and completed watamote! which i've been kind of iffy about ngl BUT IN ALL HONESTY I really enjoyed it omfg I thought it was hella funny
I also caught up with Oyasumi Punpun and frick man that manga destroyed me i hate everything please PLS check it out if you have the time, also check out Asano Inio's other works too, they're incredible omfg

I've also started drawing more seriously and i'm trying to improve as much as possible because I don't think i'm good at anything else so i might as well work with what i got right? anyway, here's a quick sketch dump i guess (linking from tumblr cus i'm lazy n i'm trash)

And today! I got the first of my packages!! Recently i found i had a lot of extra money i had no idea about so i splurged a lil omg i've been really really really sad lately and i felt like i needed to treat myself something nice so i got a cute kogal outfit from Bodyline, some shoes also from Bodyline and an extra bow bc I wasn't really feelin the one the outfit came with hehe I also ordered a winter jacket and two dresses from Dreamv i'm still waiting on sobs
here's pics of what i got anyway

the shoes are seriously amazing omfg LIKE i mean you're paying for what you get on the site but I was more impressed by the fact that they fit perfectly and were SUPER comfy uwu!! 
here's a quick pic of me wearing it wwww i have really messy
makeup here though haha

Anyway, this post was super jumpy and I'm a horrible writer sobs but I hope you guys have a good weekend! 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

i'm back probably

SO HEY long time no see
i feel like the only time i post here is when i realize i haven't posted in awhile wwww

well let's do a quick run down of my summer i guess

-school ended tybg

-MY BEST FRIEND KANE CAME TO VISIT ME FOR 3 WEEKS FROM GEORGIA!! I was soooooo happy because this has been a goal of ours for years, and we finally made it happen! I was really surprised and shocked because normally my parents would be against something like that but we pulled some strings and we managed it and i'm soooo happy
because he's one of the most important people in my life and we had so much fun! the whole trip was a blur tbh, we spent a lot of our time just marathoning animes and true blood ;u; it was really cool because it wasn't weird at all!
It was like we've been hanging out every weekend!
we also went shopping together with my good friend Nikki and then we took him to a pow wow and i introduced him to my family!
By the time he went home he was pretty much well adjusted to rez life hahaha and I may or may not cry a lot bc i miss kane ehehehehehe,,,
i don't really feel like going through all of my photos, but  here are the links on both of our blogs ;u;

-went to vegas w/ my parents! I had a lot of fun, we also visited the Hoover Dam and they took me to the jellyfish aquarium ;u; I LOVE jellyfish more than anything and my mom was watching them with me and she said "I can see why you love them so much I can watch them all day" and it really stuck with me

-spent a lot of time reconnecting with Nae, mostly played animal crossing together and hung out at my house
watched pacific rim like 4 times in theatres omg

I'M SOOOO FUCKING ECSTATIC LIKE THEY'VE BEEN MY FAVOURITE BAND SINCE I WAS 13 and i'm so fucking grateful like i can't even begin to describe everything hh

-got new CL! I'll do a review on them soon because they're honestly A+ my new favourite lenses

-went to animethon with Nae!
We held hands and bought a lot of magi stuff and kuro stuff hehe we also seen Kanon Wakeshima which was pretty cool! Nae's outfit was soo nice that day, she's always really fashionable and I love her to bits tbh it was a really nice time in general and I'm happy! I also met a fellow Edmonton gal by the name of Natalie!!! We took pics together and oooomg i was sick so i looked sooo haggard but she looked absolutely stunning tbhhh and i hope to get an opportunity to hang out w/ her and the other Edmonton gals one day!

-went to the mall and Fringe festival with Nae and Haileigh, we helped Haileigh pick out makeup and stuff since she's new to that kind of stuff and it was really fun! We then went to the fringe which was p interesting since i've never been before hehe


-Started school, my outfits were soo nice the first 3 days and the only friend i have there is Lance wwwww

-went to a football game with Nae and her uncle, i've never been to one before so it was really interesting! We rode the LRTs back to her uncle's vehicle and Nae was laughin bc it was like Evangelion www

-I've been drawing a lot more recently which is pretty cool i guess
i'm improving a lot
-i went to school the other day and started cosmetology and art finally, Lance walked me to my bus which was really nice of him omg LIKE I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS at the buses i was really embarrassed because I forgot which one was mine and lance yelled at some random dude and embarrassed himself and was like "I'm embarrassed too know" AND I JUST
what a great friend wowie
-went on a huge online shopping spree and i'm excited for when i get my packages

that's it that's
everything eventful that happened this summer omg
I probably forgot a lot of what i did but I'll be making more posts anyway soon so

In any case; It's currently 5:44 am as I'm writing this and 

I promise I'll start making more blog posts soon; I've made it my goal to start writing about my daily activities and stuff to give me something to do since I've had a LOT of free time lately 

Saturday, 20 July 2013


I know i haven't posted in like 4 months
and I can't guarantee that I'll be posting more often;
no valid reasons why; I just?? have better things to do??? + my life is very boring/uninteresting

you're totally free to follow my tumblr if you wish

I apologize!!
I'll be back super soon though!!
 ; ;

Friday, 22 March 2013

Kimchi Bambi Pink Review

I know his post is super late omfg 
Last week I finally got my lenses from loveshoppingholics! Shipping took 6 days and this is what i recieved

everything was packaged extremely well (3 envelopes actually) 
i received bottom lashes from toyoepin and Kimchi bambi pink + Geo lotus green
they gave me a cute anna sui styled eyelash case, dariya hair velcro strips and an eyemask as free gifts!
I gave the eyemask to my brother to try and he said it made his eyes really puffy haha

Here is what the bottles for these particular lenses looked like!!

they're super pretty imo

ok onto the actual review
here is the info from loveshoppingholics   

Origin: Korea Diameter : 16.0mm
 Water Content : 55% Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal

and here are the pictures of me wearing them :~)
(pls ignore my piercing i have no idea what was even going on omfg)

everything is out of 5 stars

Colour + Design : 
the colour unfortunately doesn't show up that pink on my eyes which is kind
of a bummer since i was really looking forward to trying an unnatural
colour of lens! However, the design is really what drew me in
i had similar lenses in green and they were my all time favs
These lenses are super unnatural and kind of creepy looking but!! That's ok :-)
I love that they're creepy haha
They appear kind of orange from far away which I think is kind of cool
my only thing with these lenses is
lens drift ofc
they can make you look a little,,,lazy eyed haha

Enlargement :

in all honesty these lenses are probably closer to 14.5/15.0 mm
and that's ok because they still enlarge SUPER well imo
the enlargement is PERFECT i'm so satisfied
the design makes them look a little small from far away but they're still
visibly larger :-DDD


Here is where i was really impressed; obviously wearing them you can still
feel the edges and it takes awhile to get used to
but they're actually kind of more comfortable than my previous bambi lenses
these ones however dry out faster so it's always a good idea to keep
eyedrops on hand
I wore them for a good 10 hours (yikes!) before needing to take them out and I got a lot of
compliments on them at school!

i'm extremely satisfied with these lenses!!!!

here are some photos from when i wore them w/ makeup~

have a nice day thank you for reading!!

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ciao !

Sunday, 10 March 2013


First post in 2013!
I feel so bad for not updating in so long but I have??? Nothing to update about really

Expect more lens reviews/tutorials though
because i have no life and i recently made a big order haha

with January came the release of Rinkaku (i got the special edition uwu)
and!! I love it so much
I hung the poster up on my wall behind my bird's cage lol
The Akira Yamaoka remix isn't as creepy as i expected it to be
but it's still really nice sounding 
I also preordered the unraveling!! 
Really expensive (like $98!) and i'm mad at myself for spending so much on a mini
album but hey, it's my favourite band so??

February was pretty much a blur, It wasn't really that good a month in all honesty
this year hasn't been that good but that's ok! It's still the beginning of the year
and there's much more to come
My birthday is next month and i'm kind of nervous?
I'm one year closer to being an adult and it's really nerve wracking haha
school has been going fine i guess
except i'm stuck there for another year because i slacked off too much ww
but that's ok

Here's some semi recent pictures i guess??
trying more dramatic eye make + Natural makeup (no lenses bc mine expired www)

not really much a difference i say???
other than lighting making me look pale af obvs HAHAHA

yeah that's about it

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I'm on there p much everyday and it's much easier!!!
My theme was a redux edit by Nae and i'm proud bc
it's really cute aaah
anyways, yeah!!
Sorry for being so inactive because i've noticed i've gained
(some) followers and i'm???
haven't posted in monTHS AND I FEEL BAD LOL
go follow my tumbl i'm
much more active on there i promise