Wednesday, 26 September 2012



two posts in one week, world must be ending, eh?

I haven't been very active lately on here anyway

and I probably won't for a while.
I have a really bad cold, i'm behind on school work and
my skin problems got really bad and I had to get special skin treatments
which are working to an extent i guess.
I feel really bad because of it though,
I feel like i'm gonna have gross arms and gross things on my face forever

Here's some recent pictures, from Last month i think before my face got really gross

i did my nails for once and I actually really liked them!
They only lasted a few days before they started to fall off

or get annoying hahaha

and here's some face shots I took 
I tried ~natural~ makeup and
i don't really like it
my face looks really
bloated and weird haha.
I tried to contour my eyelid into my nose (that made no sense) like
how i see people doing a lot
iT LOOKED TERRIBLE??? I definitely don't have a face for that.


Nae came over last weekend to touch up my roots and dye my hair
and it hasn't looked better!
She's such a magician with hair i swear
It's such a shame though, my hair is so amazing and I can't even take pictures
because of how my face looks :(
at least now when i go back to school and people say
"How do you get your hair so amazing mandy?" I can say
"I devour the souls of little boys" and be done with it 

Anyway, if you want daily updates feel free to follow my tumblr @ Groose-senpai.tumblr
and my art blog @ groosekind.tumblr

i see a theme here.........

Marcelle BB cream review


So I got this bb cream a few weeks ago, 4 weeks i think??
and I meant to do a review earlier but I decided since i've been using it every once in awhile i could finally
do a proper review for it

Here is the packaging, which is what drew me in tbh

When I saw this in shoppers a few months earlier it retailed at $19.99
when i bought it however, it came up to $28 i was kind of angry because
there were two options, one was $30 according to the price tag (it had 10 benifits) and the one
i got which had 8
so i could have just got the other one since it was a few dollars more, right?
Anyway, enough of that LOL

It's size kind of worries me for the price, but I wear makeup only once or twice a week so I think I'll be good.

Here's my skin bare
the left is un retouched and the right is when i messed with the curves a bit so you can see it better

and here's with the bb cream
it's taken a different angle but it's the same side of my face, psoriasis, freckles and all
the coverage isn't that good, it was actually a let down for me
since this was like 3 layers of product


since i've been using it more and more it makes my skin feel amazing!
It feels like i'm not even wearing anything
it makes my skin feel really soft and as
i've been using it more i've been using this
product alone as concealer and it's
covered my under eye circles fairly well,
the only let down is it doesn't cover redness (which i have a lot of)

So I give this product 3/5

I feel like the coverage could be better, but i really like the texture!

Anyway, thanks for reading!!!

Also, GALVIP has released our first issue!
Please go read it!!!
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our October issue will be out soon, be ready for it!!
There's a lot of really cool features :-)

peace peace