Sunday, 29 April 2012

042912 / birthday post!


I know I said I'd make a vlog but my video camera stopped working while i was filming the introduction u__u
I have really bad luck with vidya cameras for some reason haha

On Friday I celebrated my 16th birthday!

Thursday night nae and tia came over and we played games all night
then watched hell boy II (Guilty Pleasure movie ehehehe)

We went to West Edmonton Mall the next day and we got a room at fantasy land hotel
I didn't really shop that much
despite having a lot of money, I kept getting paranoid I'd spend all of it ;~;
my parents apparently hid away extra just in case
I wish I knew! I wanted to get so many cute clothes ;A;

Here's what I bought!

Nae got me this really cute hello kitty necklace and tia got me a rilakkuma wallet ;u; on the back of it is a giant flan pyramid with korilakkuma (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

I got benefit bronzer powder and a foundation sample (Idk if I can use it tho, it hasn't given me any problems on my hand so I'll see?? I can't wear liquid foundation because it makes my face burn haha) Badgal lash mascara and sephora gave me this little set of chapstick for my birthday ;u;
Also pictured; A cute white cardigan and lace trimmed shorts I got from Sirens and forever21 uvu

I wanted to get the naked palette finally but I was worried i wouldn't have enough money for anything else (which i was wrong as I had over $60 left by the end of the night smh)

we also went to galaxy land

unfortunately we only had an hour to go on the rides because we didn't know it closed at 9 u__u

it was still fun though!

After that really long night mackenzie molly and kristen came over for a movie night!

I did their nails and we just talked
it was really fun

here are some photos

idk she looked funny sitting in my makeup corner so i took a pic lol
Also yes
I put a mustache on Tsubasa's face haha
I think she looks even prettier now, don't you think???

Also here's an old photo of a chain belt i made haha

It has sugar skulls on it!
thanks for reading

I'm sorry if this was kind of boring lol

I leave you with this!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Eye make tutorial!

OK I meant to make this post sooner but I have been so busy and what not
also lazy
mostly lazy

Anyway I posted this picture of my eye on tumblr a few days ago

It managed to get over 99 notes 8(
I was so surprised like WHY

Here's basically How I did that look
but with a more natural palette 

I'm really new to this so if I've forgotten something or whatever just tell me hahaha

I've also made this Graphic to go with it

You guys can use it to!
thanks for reading
I'll have an actual post up
I promise haha

Sunday, 8 April 2012





It's Spring break kind of
I didn't do anything 
At all 
so that's why I haven't been posting as much u__u
I haven't been posting much on tumblr either, I think spring is getting to me lol

Anyway that's not really important right now,

Just a quick update post~~

I got my first colour circle lenses from Shoppingholics a few weeks ago!
I chose express shipping for a pack of eyelashes and the lenses
It shipped the same night and it arrived 5 days later ;u;
I was so happy omg

I ordered GEO Princess Mimi Apple green lenses
The DIA is 15.0 mm 
And the water content is 38%

They came with free gifts; I got two contact lens cases, a keychain that I'll give to Jaron since I
promised her I'd give her some free stuff if I got any U v U
DARIYA velcro Hairclip and collagen eye mask!

The lenses themselves are quite comfortable!!
I look really nice with green eyes I think  |D
Also ignore the fact that I look really rank in these photos LOL
I'm still getting over a really bad cold and it's left my face
really.....Gross looking??? I guess u__u

As you can tell from the above images; They don't really have much enlargement as I thought they would?? Nonetheless, I love them so much!!!
I was also trying out my new bottom lashes, I've always wanted princess eye from Diamond lash except, I didn't realize they'd be so long LOL
I'll be experimenting with new makeup styles to go with them soon I guess, I need better top lashes u__u;;;

I'm going to start a vlog soon!
I've been meaning to for a while, so expect the first video to be up sometime by or after my birthday~~ (It's the 27 of this month by the way!)

I also recently bought Silent Hill Downpour
So far it's kind of tedious??
My tv is also really old so everything is so blurry and
because of it I get dizzy playing which is really REALLY
upsetting ;__;
Murphy is really handsome tho so I forgive that it's boring uvu...........

jk omfg
I'm also thinking of trying Kuranba / Tsuyome?? idk 
It's a style that's always interested me ;~; Here's a few pics i saved for reference~
Yayo and Sena ;u;
Yayo sporting a full D.I.A Coord in these pictures~~

God I love D.I.A LOL
I want one of their belts so bad but I don't think
they'd fit right or I'm not too keen on the idea of
wearing one second hand u__u

Sigh ~
thanks for reading!
I'll have more interesting posts soon, I promise ;u;
I'm just waiting for it to get warmer so I can start dressing
normally for me again
Skinny jeans are annoying u~u;;