Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hey guys

long time no see, huh??
I haven't really been feeling it lately and i apologize for the absence,
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

Mine was very good ;u;

i got a blackberry playbook!! Also the panty and stocking dvd set so i'm happy ;u;
i got everyone really great presents too, they were very happy and i'm glad 

I'm still waiting on 2 presents though, one of them is the RINKAKU single! I'm very excited, I got the limited edition and the regular edition for nae for christmas. I've never ordered a single from my favourite band before so i'm really really excited and just?? idk this means a lot to me ;u;  I'm a little upset over how long it's taken considering how much i paid extra for it ugh
oh well
I'm also planning on preordering THE UNRAVELING whenever I come across more money ;A;

This band is eating up my pretty clothes fund >:I

Nothing has really been happening in my life, anything exciting I mean.
I do have some plans for the future though, as now is the time for resolutions and such, one of them is losing a little bit of weight and actually finishing school stuff haha
I'm not sure why, but i haven't had motivation for literally anything lately and whenever i try to do something i get so drained and it's frustrating

I've had to throw away my super crystal blue lenses ;~; I'm very upset bc they were really gorgeous lenses
i'm kind of relieved tho, because they were also uncomfortable idk
They dried out because someone knocked them over and didn't bother picking it up ugh

i'm not gonna post a lot of pictures bc they're literally all of me and that's boring
but you can follow my tumblr i guess

i never update here anymore and i'm sorry haha
i'm on tumblr like everyday tho so
follow me there, i post pics a lot and i might start making makeup tutorials again

Friday, 26 October 2012


Haven't updated in a while as per usual

How is everyone?
my blogs rating has been dropping dramatically from lack of updating haha lol

sorry about that
Life's been taking up my time
and by that i mean
i've literally done nothing but play animal crossing all day for the past week
I guess i'll recap my last 2 weeks

I spent the night at tia's last saturday (13th) and it was pretty fun!
I fell asleep on her bed at around 5 am and she woke me up and we didn't get back to sleep till around
7 am haha
We walked around town at night
here's a picture of her pooping an ice
(Actually it was a huge ass pile of ice in the middle of the parking lot wtf)

We watched tekkon kinkreet then i went home.

Nae came to school on the following tuesday with animal crossing!! She got me animal crossing i was so happy omg ;u;
she then came home with me and we played for like 4 hours haha
it was actually a really good week for me, which was surprising. I expected something bad to come out of it because
I haven't had more than one really good day in a while, right? Well i kind of confirmed my suspicions when Nae came over this Saturday to spend the night. Turns out she was moving to her mom's in high level (which is like 14 hours away by bus) so we baked a cake at like 3 am and watched samurai champloo. It was a really good day, i'm really really really sad that she left though ;~;
You know that episode of the simpsons when milhouse moves away and bart gets really sad
like a piece of him is missing? That was me all week. The one time I find a best friend irl that
is super nice and isn't a condescending jerk like everyone else and they leave... I felt so alone again after
wishing for a friend for so long. I guess I saw it coming though, and, i'm happy she's happy! I know how much she missed her mom and stuff so yeah. It's kind of bittersweet, no? She said she'd be back again before she left again though, maybe we'll go shopping like old times?

It was also picture day on Wednesday, it was kinda fun. I made plans with Tasha and Molly to go see a movie on saturday (tomorrow)
I took a bunch of pics that day with them but
i'm too lazy to upload them, so sorry about that LOL
Also today Tasha texted me a picture of Sakurina's fairy lash that her friend bought for her and was surprised i knew what brand they were haha! I'm jealous ngl ;u;

Halloween's next week, was gonna go trick or treating with nae but
now i have no plans haha
which is sad, I've looked forward to Halloween all year and now idk what i'm gonna do
it was like that with animethon too, we made plans and we only ended up going one day haha
I've learned my lesson to not expect anything, or look forward to things. It always brings disappointment.
I'd write more about my feelings and stuff but I really don't think it's worth a read, my life is boring and I myself am pretty boring.

Here's some recent pics tho

Some shirts my mom bought for me while waiting for dad at his meeting
in Edmonton
We wondered around the mall for an hour then picked up dad
then went home haha
eye makeup from a few days ago; haven't done dramatic
in a really long time, it felt nice ;u;

It's also started snowing on the rez
So, time for thick ass jackets and boots 8(
I love winter because it's so gorgeous and romantic and
nostalgic feeling, but I hate not being able to dress nice all the time LOL

Thanks for reading
peace peace ☆彡

The Halloween issue of GALVIP was released,

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn makeup tutorial

hey guys!!!
I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to make a makeup tutorial

I don't normally do my makeup this way so I thought, why not?
I think I'm gonna make these tutorials a monthly thing!
This theme is Autumn
so i thought
a burnt orange/black smokey eye kind of look would be perfect~
anyway, on to the tutorial!
The file is kind of small so i apologize,
also there was a lot of
stray hairs on my eyebrow (Which I never noticed
until I uploaded them wtf) so I tried to clone stamp those away
sorry about that hahaha ;A;

(You might have to open the image in a new tab, sorry ;A;)
yeah, hope you enjoyed it!!

Anyway, no life updates from me for a while
I haven't done anything interesting lately
I'm swamped in school work though


thanks for reading!!

Like my new background image? I made it myself ;u;

Wednesday, 26 September 2012



two posts in one week, world must be ending, eh?

I haven't been very active lately on here anyway

and I probably won't for a while.
I have a really bad cold, i'm behind on school work and
my skin problems got really bad and I had to get special skin treatments
which are working to an extent i guess.
I feel really bad because of it though,
I feel like i'm gonna have gross arms and gross things on my face forever

Here's some recent pictures, from Last month i think before my face got really gross

i did my nails for once and I actually really liked them!
They only lasted a few days before they started to fall off

or get annoying hahaha

and here's some face shots I took 
I tried ~natural~ makeup and
i don't really like it
my face looks really
bloated and weird haha.
I tried to contour my eyelid into my nose (that made no sense) like
how i see people doing a lot
iT LOOKED TERRIBLE??? I definitely don't have a face for that.


Nae came over last weekend to touch up my roots and dye my hair
and it hasn't looked better!
She's such a magician with hair i swear
It's such a shame though, my hair is so amazing and I can't even take pictures
because of how my face looks :(
at least now when i go back to school and people say
"How do you get your hair so amazing mandy?" I can say
"I devour the souls of little boys" and be done with it 

Anyway, if you want daily updates feel free to follow my tumblr @ Groose-senpai.tumblr
and my art blog @ groosekind.tumblr

i see a theme here.........

Marcelle BB cream review


So I got this bb cream a few weeks ago, 4 weeks i think??
and I meant to do a review earlier but I decided since i've been using it every once in awhile i could finally
do a proper review for it

Here is the packaging, which is what drew me in tbh

When I saw this in shoppers a few months earlier it retailed at $19.99
when i bought it however, it came up to $28 i was kind of angry because
there were two options, one was $30 according to the price tag (it had 10 benifits) and the one
i got which had 8
so i could have just got the other one since it was a few dollars more, right?
Anyway, enough of that LOL

It's size kind of worries me for the price, but I wear makeup only once or twice a week so I think I'll be good.

Here's my skin bare
the left is un retouched and the right is when i messed with the curves a bit so you can see it better

and here's with the bb cream
it's taken a different angle but it's the same side of my face, psoriasis, freckles and all
the coverage isn't that good, it was actually a let down for me
since this was like 3 layers of product


since i've been using it more and more it makes my skin feel amazing!
It feels like i'm not even wearing anything
it makes my skin feel really soft and as
i've been using it more i've been using this
product alone as concealer and it's
covered my under eye circles fairly well,
the only let down is it doesn't cover redness (which i have a lot of)

So I give this product 3/5

I feel like the coverage could be better, but i really like the texture!

Anyway, thanks for reading!!!

Also, GALVIP has released our first issue!
Please go read it!!!
There's more information on our facebook page
our October issue will be out soon, be ready for it!!
There's a lot of really cool features :-)

peace peace

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

i Fairy Super Crystal review + Eye love Matsuge 006 Review

Sorry for the lack of posts lately
Animethon last week was great!
I meant to make a post about it but I got kind of lazy haha
Blogger is a piece of poop when it comes to editing so

Our lenses for our cosplays came a week late, but that's ok!
They're gorgeous lenses anyway
I can't remember the name of the lenses Nae got, but they're GEO and 14.0 blue ones
She said they're super comfortable so
I'll update with the name later whenever she comes by again in case any one is curious~
here's a picture of her wearing them
+ I did her makeup :-)

Anyway, on to the review!

I've been meaning to get these lenses for a really long time,
I wanted them in green originally but since we were planning on cosplaying i got them in Blue to match her eyes

The website (Which idk if i'll be ordering from again soon, i'm p sure they sent me the wrong bottles or they put the wrong information on the site since they did not match the info on the viles) On top of that, i ordered express shipping and they still came in in the same amount of time it would have took if i didn't pay extra
though that was the shipping company's fault not the website u__u;;

The website info says

Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
and the viles say
dia 14.5 / 8.6 bc / water content was not stated

As you can see the enlargement is PERFECT

The colour is really great too, I was expecting them to be super dark on my eyes but clearly that isn't the case with these ;u;
the empty space in the middle isn't too small which is a plus for me personally because I don't have to worry about lens drift in photos too much LOL

I'm really happy with these lenses akljfhalksdf they're so pretty even though i look weird with blue eyes??
they look ok
I'm happy with them ;u;

I'm a little disappointed in how uncomfortable they were when i tried them on
though it was probably because I got impatient with waiting for them to soak

They're comfortable, it's just I can feel the edges more with these than my other ones


I'll definitely be purchasing these again in the future in different colours~


Eye love matsuge 006 rabbit eye review

More info on this brand here ->  covered beautifully by ciramisu!

These eyelashes were a lot shorter than i imagined, but the size is perfect for natural looks for when i start school again ;u;

The lashes look very delicate in the package so be extra careful removing them from the package!

Here's how they look on me (ignore the bad makeup, i did this in like 10 minutes haha)

They also look really 

I'll repurchase these again in the future! Mainly because my brother's dog got into one that was nae's pair and she ate them...
SO I cut the remaining in the package in half and gave it to nae
so we both have 2 pairs ;u;

Thanks for reading!!

Also I meant to post this last week; but I've been so lazy lately ahh
sorry about that

Here's a semi recent photo of my eyemake

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Announcing the First Gaijin Gyaru Magazine!

copy and pasted from Chaudie's blogpost!

To my fellow Gyaru... 
 Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives,
 we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look. 
 Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve
. To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures... 
 To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front... 
 To those of you that want something made just for us... 
 We hear you. Today I am proud to officially announce the first ever Gaijin Gyaru Magazine, GAL VIP. Because every Gyaru is Important.


I've posted the new flyer to accommodate all of our models!

Here is more information on what GALVIP is on Chaudie's blog
GALVIP: Your questions answered

And here is a full staff list also from Chaudie's blog
GALVIP Staff and Model Blog List

thank you for reading and spread the word if you can ;u;

In regards to GALVIP

Hi guys :-D
I was tagged in a liebster award thing by raine but i'll do it in a next post as this one is kind of important ;u;

So if you follow my tumblr you may have seen me make THIS post

it reads





As you may have read  Chaudie's  posts, I am now a staff member for GALVIP :-D
My occupation is secret for now huhuhu

I just wanted to make that clear

I am a part of GALVIP, nothing else
thank you for reading 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


SO I had to post it again
I'm sorry omg

What a weird weekend

Hey guys
How was your weekend?
Happy fourth of July for my US readers and
Happy (Late) Canada day for my fellow Canadians 

As you all know I went to my first (Kind of) Pow wow of the season
Let me start day by day haha

Also, I didn't take as much pictures as I intended to
I was so shy and aksjlfhlfs sorry about that ;~;

I spent the night in the tent trailer with my cousin Alyssa
William and Tyrone kept us up till 4 am
even though they knew I hadn't slept the previous night and was exhausted ;__;
Alyssa woke me up at 8 to walk back to the house
I napped for a bit
Then got ready
And went on my merry way back haha
Grand Entry was gr8
My auntie kept bugging me about this kid (His name is Nike)
that likes me it was so embarrassing
what's worse is that they bugged me about him ALL WEEKEND
He's cute tho
just not my type haha;;;;

William Enjoying a delicious Indian taco
And Tyrone idk what the hell he was doing lmao

I can't really remember this day
Nothing important happened
My friend Jordee was there!
It was quite a surprise
seeing as there was other pow wows to go to
that weekend I didn't think she'd come to
Alexander of all places haha
I nearly had a heat stroke this day too
u__u it sucked
I also tried to get some pictures of my other cousin Nolan dancing
They all came out really blurry
Here's one

Oh and I asked for a picture later

Big noses run in my family LOL

Also the last day
It was raining all  morning
we managed to sleep till 1 pm despite all the noise LOL
The party so to speak was moved to the hall
We walked back in the mud
and because i wasn't smart enough to pack pants
(It was super hot all weekend i didn't think it'd rain!!)
I had to walk back with a blanket in the rain
we were all muddy by the time we got back home omfg

It cleared up towards supper break and they moved it back to the grounds
We spent the time scoping out this really hot chicken dancer omg
He was so perfect omgomgomg
His outfit was purple and green
I really wanted a picture of him but i was so shy  oh my god
Here's a photo I took of myself that day walking back to the grounds

Couldn't do gal makeup this weekend
because I accidentally left all of my eyelashes at home ;__;
PLUS I was sleeping in a tent I don't think it'd be wise to have
ALL of my shit there haha
I look so silly without circle lenses in now it's weird

Later on that night
I jokingly said to my auntie "Where's Nike I want to hug him before I leave"
I felt so bad omg he probably hates me now LOL

Anyway uh yeah
that was my weekend

now to wait for this weekend oh my gosh
it's going to be even hotter and
i'm gonna be walking ALL DAY and

How are you guys going to spend your Summer?

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hey guys :-DD
Happy first day of Summer ;u;

It is currently 2:53 am as i type this and I can't sleep LOL
I've been stressing all day over stupid stuff but
i feel better now haha

Anyways, let's get this over with~~
I woke up to my parents coming home from a garage sale saying

This baby was only $30 at a garage sale ;u;
I'm so happy omg
It'll be really great to photograph people with at this year's pow wow I think haha
Too bad i'm not dancing tho u_u;;

Another gr8 thing; I got my wig for a-thon!!!
the shipping took forever because of customs
but it was worth it

No pictures of me wearing it just yet;
I need to style it first
and thin it out because it's super thick LOL

This past weekend/week my parents went to Edmonton for a week
because my Dad had a meeting
I got to stay for a day and I got to go shopping with my mom
the day I went back haha

I got an oversized grey sweater and blue collared dress from f21
and a cute floral skirt~

IDK WHY I got brown eyelashes
I saw the ZIPPER ones from eyemazing and
idk I thought they'd look good
They don't u__u idk how to natural makeup haha
I also got this cute makeup palette today at Ermineskin mall~
It was only $5 !
It was too cute to resist hahaha
plus the "MAGIC EYESHADOW" bit killed me LOL


On a more serious note; I start my workout plan tomorrow or later on today I guess
I just
I've put this off so long I feel bad
I want to look good for gal and cosplay
Like I'm getting really bad lately so hahaha
I need to get on track u_u
This is also another reason why I haven't posted any outfit posts
I've been so lacking in confidence and I have poor body image
I don't want to end up in gal secrets having random ass people calling me
chubby  like I CAN SEE I HAVE EYES LOL

Here's a quick make shot I guess from the other day

I wanted to try more ~lighter~ make up than usual
So I used half lashes instead of full ones on the bottom
shorter top lashes, fuller brows, nude lip

I like it but I don't idk haha

Thanks for reading
And as always
For daily updates and more personal stuff
Follow me at kawaiikind.tumblr
I reblog a lot of REALLY stupid stuff and I make
even more stupid text posts but
yeah follow me haha
If you want to I mean
You don't have to
I'm pretty annoying lmao

i pixelled myself as a zombie nurse hunter thing
for a collab on this pixel art forum i'm apart of haha

Monday, 4 June 2012

060412 +Pride Edmonton!!!!


Hi guys

No pictures in this post because I'm a bum

this is just a quick update to tell y'all how i'm doin


I'm going to the pride parade in Edmonton On Saturday and if any of you will be there then
yeah you know what to look for
I'm short/candy red hair i can't be too hard to miss LOL
I'll also be in the city on either thursday or friday with nae chan
we'll be at the mall or whatever
come say hi
we don't bite


I'm posting this because it's my last week of school till next year and it's super stressful
like I'm also posting this because I have 2 booklets and a presentation due tomorrow and it's 10:30 pm I'm the worst at procrastinating don't procrastinate kids!!! Use me as example LOL

I'm so stressed right now 
I can put this off till I come back
as that option is available but I don't want to feel like I'm procrastinating more by doing so.
I did the crime
i'm doing the time


I'll feel accomplished when I'm done which is great
my year will be over
and then all I'll have to worry about is going on the pow wow trails (hopefully ;~;), vegas trip in July and animethon in August!
I've also started playing Fallout New Vegas
Nae made me do it LOL
 it's actually
really fun holy shit
I thought i'd hate it but wow it's gr8
go play it ok


thanks for sticking through my bullshit this year, and more recently thanks for 
my influx of followers and whoever posted that gyaru valentine, thank you that made my day ;A;

kawaiikind is my tumblr by the way, follow for more annoying updates
and more recently me bickering with someone because they changed the source
on a picture of my eye... like they didn't even
save it and repost
they actually
reblogged it from me


Monday, 28 May 2012



I had to start this post 3 times now
because blogger is really really stupid


I apologize if this post keeps being thrown up into your dashboard
I really
Don't know how to fix that from happening
You think with a website this big they'd have come up with a way to prevent that from happening.
I apologize if this post is really messy
this website pretty much messed this whole post up so
yeah sorry


I promise there will be more interesting posts soon

I just have to wait for School to end and then I can hang out with friends some more uvu

Anyway some people were interested in what I do to keep my face
And glowy

The products i use are
the uk brand SIMPLE; I use the moisturzing facial cleanser
Olay refreshing toner
baby lotion lol
Almay smooth perfecting primer
(Idk if i can recommend this product because it smells like ASS; but it works??)
and Garnier BB cream in Dark (~for my crazy makeup days)

The BB cream for the most part is really good ;u;
It's really improved my skin over all
here are some comparison photos
sorry about the lighting
i'm not really that greenish yellow colour irl LOL

it doesn't really cover that much, but it covers enough
and it got rid of my redness which is great ;u;

Ignore my messy brows; I'm trying to grow them out ;A;
                                                       Idk how that's doing though haha

and here's something i was going to do for a tutorial
but because i was really sick last week i never got around to it

sorry about that ;~;

Here is some recent eye make I have done though

I've used NYX lashes in Bondage on the left
And both are using Diamond Lash princess eye on the bottom
The right is using some korean brand of eyelashes
I picked up at the dollar store;
I wasn't sure about them but i'm in love with them now LOL

They look like dupes of angel eye which i love ;u;

here is my face for good measure
a blogpost isn't right without pictures

i liked my makeup that day

Our Vegas trip has been moved to July 15
I'm super excited ;u;
I hate how hot it is and I really REALLY hate the desert but
it's Vegas~

also there was a live streaming of DIR EN GREY's documentary
for their age of quodis tour '11 and '12
I really wanted to watch it but
why would you pay to watch something online idgi,,,

I'll have to wait until I have enough money to buy the dvd itself
which is like $80
I love you guys but you're going to put your fans in debt LOL

thanks for reading

for regular updates/text posts/really stupid stuff
follow my tumblr at kawaiikind.tumblr

Sunday, 29 April 2012

042912 / birthday post!


I know I said I'd make a vlog but my video camera stopped working while i was filming the introduction u__u
I have really bad luck with vidya cameras for some reason haha

On Friday I celebrated my 16th birthday!

Thursday night nae and tia came over and we played games all night
then watched hell boy II (Guilty Pleasure movie ehehehe)

We went to West Edmonton Mall the next day and we got a room at fantasy land hotel
I didn't really shop that much
despite having a lot of money, I kept getting paranoid I'd spend all of it ;~;
my parents apparently hid away extra just in case
I wish I knew! I wanted to get so many cute clothes ;A;

Here's what I bought!

Nae got me this really cute hello kitty necklace and tia got me a rilakkuma wallet ;u; on the back of it is a giant flan pyramid with korilakkuma (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

I got benefit bronzer powder and a foundation sample (Idk if I can use it tho, it hasn't given me any problems on my hand so I'll see?? I can't wear liquid foundation because it makes my face burn haha) Badgal lash mascara and sephora gave me this little set of chapstick for my birthday ;u;
Also pictured; A cute white cardigan and lace trimmed shorts I got from Sirens and forever21 uvu

I wanted to get the naked palette finally but I was worried i wouldn't have enough money for anything else (which i was wrong as I had over $60 left by the end of the night smh)

we also went to galaxy land

unfortunately we only had an hour to go on the rides because we didn't know it closed at 9 u__u

it was still fun though!

After that really long night mackenzie molly and kristen came over for a movie night!

I did their nails and we just talked
it was really fun

here are some photos

idk she looked funny sitting in my makeup corner so i took a pic lol
Also yes
I put a mustache on Tsubasa's face haha
I think she looks even prettier now, don't you think???

Also here's an old photo of a chain belt i made haha

It has sugar skulls on it!
thanks for reading

I'm sorry if this was kind of boring lol

I leave you with this!