Saturday, 21 January 2012

New header!!!!

I thought it was time for a new header
I took some pictures today and I thought this one looked ok enough to use
I don't really like headers with pictures of myself on them but I actually kind of like this one????????

Again, as it's like below 40 outside I've been home all week
the busses refuse to run so I'm stuck home alone bored all day

My life has been zelda for the past few weeks aaaaaaaa
I finished Majora's Mask, feel like a part of my life was missing tbh
I had to restart skyward sword because I have my own console now so yeah haha
I'm pretty far on it already! I kind of don't want to play anymore because
I don't want to finish! I'll be so sad omg
;~; This is why I don't play games often, I always get moody whenever
I finish.............
I think Zelda games are the only video games I actually have the capacity for LOL

yeah anyway
Here are some pictures I took today
I felt like doing my makeup haha

My hair has gotten so long, pretty soon I'll need like two bottles just
to dye it every month ;~;

My tumblr is
if anyone's interested in following me
I feel like you could probably get to know me better there
than here

I'm not really an interesting person on there though so
I'm kind of annoying LOL

that's all I guess
here's a wip of a drawing and some music 

Bugaboo remastered + expanded
I love Kyo's vocals so much,
they never fail to send chills

Sunday, 15 January 2012



Again this week has been extremely uneventful as I had no school all week.......
I DO however have 2 days this week so it should be all good
Leoshia came over on Friday and left today, it was really fun! We watched Beauty and the Beast in 3d, we're lucky we didn't get kicked out of the theatre because we were so loud...We didn't even really watch the movie LOL

This month is going fine I guess,
I have a biopsy on the 26th for the scabs on my face ;~; I'm really scared, I have perfect skin except for those scabs and now I have to get them tested because they don't know what they are adfjadf
Either way, I'm going to be left with a nasty scar haha ;~;
I'm not in the mood to blog lol
here are some pics I guess

Lately I've been thinking of getting into fairy kei as a side style?
I don't know, it looks so fun! I won't 'leave' gyaru, i just
what's so fun about dressing the same everyday, you know lol
I don't know, my friend Katie has been really getting me interested in it so
I might try soon??
I don't know yet though ;~;

Anyway, thanks for reading.


lacking in updates yet again

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do an improvement meme!!

This is from last year when I started
I'll start this years next month 8)

Meme belongs to! go follow her, she's a sweet heart <3


i look
horrid omg

in the earlier pictures anyway
I mean

Saturday, 7 January 2012

eyelash cheat????

Hey there! I'm being strangely active lately (Two posts at once!!!)
but that's not important right now
I've been reading Maii's tutorial and it really inspired me!

I've been re-knotting my own bottom lashes and top lashes
while I wait to order more brand ones ;u;

I've created some really good bottom lashes out of
Ardell lashes in 108
I lost the picture i took of them, but this is how they look
after i pushed the fibers together in order of thickness so i was left
with around 9 thicker strands, i cut one off the end because
it looked like a ratty mess
 and was left with something similar to diamond lash' baby eye!
Again, i forgot to take pictures
but here is how they look when worn ;u;
this was the last photo of me in 2011 by the way LOL

I also did the same thing with ardell 105's!

They look really similar to Diamond lash's Angel eye!
Here is a direct comparison 

They could actually be cheap dupes for it! 
You could probably even double them up to make them thicker
I only bought one pack though LOL

Also! If you're wondering how I doubled up the fibers, I made this 
little diagram to show you
It's basically like
You push the first 2 together and repeat that on the next two
then do it in thirds till you get to the end
you can cut the end off if you like, or even do it in fourths!
I might do that with the next pack I buy ;u;



If you're interested in other shit that I like to talk about and what not,
follow my tumblr!
I'm pretty annoying by the way, I swear a lot lol
AND I make text posts a lot, but if that doesn't really bother you,
follow me!!!!!!!!!

and then i partied hard

hi i came to dump photos and give a brief summery of my past week

I had school on Tuesday and Wednesday, today too but i didn't go lol. I finished my modules and got new ones; I'm almost finished my grade 10-11 courses for humanities!! I can start 12th grade stuff by next month :-)))!!

If I keep going like this, i could finish school by next year :o

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I was going to make a post about the party i came from today but blogger doesn't seem to be working properly? Is this happening for anyone else or is it just me 0n0

Monday, 2 January 2012




I'll be back to regular posting soon I promise ;A;