Tuesday, 30 August 2011

bull spit

hey guys lol
this weekend was pretty fun, Nae came over and all we did was play left 4 dead and buy halloween stuff at the dollar store LOL
We made plans to cosplay john egbert and dave strider though 8)
I'm excited for this, we're not really into cosplay AT ALL but since we both really love homestuck and we like going to cons, we thought this would be pretty boss *v*

here are my nails for this week

I reused some of the deco stuff from old hello kitty nails
I bought when we went to Vegas a few months back ;v;
The stickers were from Sephora and wal mart
and the nail polish I used was called Blizzard Blue from Sally Hanson's Xtreme Wear line
The red nail polish I used is from Revlon's Matte Suede collection


I'm kind of excited for school to start,
mainly because i'm going with people i actually enjoy being around (ie nae and jaron LOL)
I'm really going to miss Flower and Leoshia though,
I recently got Flower into Gyaru fashion! That was a big accomplishment for me LOL

so um yeah.
Hi guys.
Hi followers who are too scared to comment on my shit ;_;
talk to me I'm cool 8)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

hey guys

i decided to start over here
i deleted all my posts

so let me just make another quick introduction post / explanation lol

my name is Mandy, I am 15 years old and I have recently started in gyaru fashion and this is basically my blog showcasing how that's going, how i'm doing, improving etc.

I am Plains Cree and reside on a reserve called Hobbema,
my favourite band and inspiration for everything is DIR EN GREY
my current obsessions are Homestuck and the AV gal Serina

this is how i look
i have long red hair and wear glasses usually.

i'm hoping one day i'll become a really good gyaru, and maybe people will look up to me wow this is getting embarrassing lol run on sentences everywhere

so yeah ;A;
Hay guys

my tumblr is here -> http://d3composing-blasph3my.tumblr.com/
but like i said, i'm on a homestuck kick right now so that's basically all you'll see and i know not many people like it so ;~;

I'll also try to update here as often as possible