Wednesday, 24 August 2011

hey guys

i decided to start over here
i deleted all my posts

so let me just make another quick introduction post / explanation lol

my name is Mandy, I am 15 years old and I have recently started in gyaru fashion and this is basically my blog showcasing how that's going, how i'm doing, improving etc.

I am Plains Cree and reside on a reserve called Hobbema,
my favourite band and inspiration for everything is DIR EN GREY
my current obsessions are Homestuck and the AV gal Serina

this is how i look
i have long red hair and wear glasses usually.

i'm hoping one day i'll become a really good gyaru, and maybe people will look up to me wow this is getting embarrassing lol run on sentences everywhere

so yeah ;A;
Hay guys

my tumblr is here ->
but like i said, i'm on a homestuck kick right now so that's basically all you'll see and i know not many people like it so ;~;

I'll also try to update here as often as possible

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  1. ummmm your beautiful *0*
    im a fangirl now<33333 blog more!!! =D