Wednesday, 26 September 2012



two posts in one week, world must be ending, eh?

I haven't been very active lately on here anyway

and I probably won't for a while.
I have a really bad cold, i'm behind on school work and
my skin problems got really bad and I had to get special skin treatments
which are working to an extent i guess.
I feel really bad because of it though,
I feel like i'm gonna have gross arms and gross things on my face forever

Here's some recent pictures, from Last month i think before my face got really gross

i did my nails for once and I actually really liked them!
They only lasted a few days before they started to fall off

or get annoying hahaha

and here's some face shots I took 
I tried ~natural~ makeup and
i don't really like it
my face looks really
bloated and weird haha.
I tried to contour my eyelid into my nose (that made no sense) like
how i see people doing a lot
iT LOOKED TERRIBLE??? I definitely don't have a face for that.


Nae came over last weekend to touch up my roots and dye my hair
and it hasn't looked better!
She's such a magician with hair i swear
It's such a shame though, my hair is so amazing and I can't even take pictures
because of how my face looks :(
at least now when i go back to school and people say
"How do you get your hair so amazing mandy?" I can say
"I devour the souls of little boys" and be done with it 

Anyway, if you want daily updates feel free to follow my tumblr @ Groose-senpai.tumblr
and my art blog @ groosekind.tumblr

i see a theme here.........

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