Wednesday, 7 December 2011

life has been eating up my time

I'd really like to be an actual personal blog but I just can't find the time
well okay that's a lie I have plenty of time i'm just too lazy lmao

welp let's start

school has been going okay, though due to my school being so far i have to miss a lot of days because of no rides etc. etc. The work load itself is easy though, they give me a full booklet complete with everything i need to learn/due instead of just giving me a paper and saying "finish this in an hour" so I can easily take it home and work on it.

I've ordered a really cute sweater+short combo from kumimakiko! I'm expecting it to arrive shortly after Christmas :-)

My best friends have went to see DIR EN GREY today, I really hope they had fun. They both really deserved it <3
I'd like to see them one day myself, watching live videos on youtube actually hit a nerve idk. That band means a lot to me, they've gotten me through a lot of tough times. I know it's easy to say something like that but i honestly mean it, i wouldn't have my current view of life and the world if it wasn't for their music.

As for my style as of late, I've been really into tsuyome, kuro gal style and just rock styles in general. I'd like to achieve a good look in those styles while i work on a more hime-esque wardrobe for now.
Since I live on a reserve it takes a little longer to order things, it also means i have to order things all at once or separately. I don't know if that makes sense lmfao whatevs
I still need a wig for my dave cosplay, i don't know when that's going to happen
I'm getting my prescription soon so i can finally order circle lenses 
I'm going to get green ones and red ones 

So Yesterday i went to the doctors at my dad's work and found out i had Psoriasis on my eyebrow, nose and all over my arms
It's gotten really really really bad, like i usually edit it out by brightening the photo and going over it with a blur tool or something but it's actually really bad lmfao
I have two really acidic creams for them, it's really burning and itchy rn omg i want to scratch it but i can't haha

I also got some cabochons today :-)
They're christmas themed and i made some cute christmas nails! pics of my nails to come soon though lol
I have a dinner to go to tomorrow so I'm going to wear them there 
Also I can't english i'm sorry lmao

I'm done for now

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