Tuesday, 15 November 2011


School has been eating up my time man

I did however get completely caught up today!
It was an awesome day
I went home early though,
I might go tomorrow
and just stay home the next day
I'm thinking of asking to change my schedule from 3 days to 2
I usually get tonnes of work done in a few hours, so it shouldn't be a problem
I don't know what to do on my off days though
other than hanging with Nae or Tia
it's Winter now, snow is coming in
as beautiful as it is and as much as I love winter
I miss the Summer
We could hang out nearly everyday
and go to places
now we just visit eachother
and eat
and sleep
I'm getting $60 at the end of the month, around my brother's birthday
and I have money saved
I'm starting on a hime wardrobe 
It's super small at the moment, I'm hoping by next year I'll be able to achieve my goal of having a gorgeous wardrobe and feel fabulous everyday!
I'm getting a really gorgeous coat from bodyline, and hopefully either a salopette or bloomers
Then I'm going to save up again for some more eyelashes ._.
I'm in desperate need of them it's not even funny ;~;
I might just get those instead, but I really really want that jacket

I'll update with pics soon

b y e.

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