Monday, 28 May 2012



I had to start this post 3 times now
because blogger is really really stupid


I apologize if this post keeps being thrown up into your dashboard
I really
Don't know how to fix that from happening
You think with a website this big they'd have come up with a way to prevent that from happening.
I apologize if this post is really messy
this website pretty much messed this whole post up so
yeah sorry


I promise there will be more interesting posts soon

I just have to wait for School to end and then I can hang out with friends some more uvu

Anyway some people were interested in what I do to keep my face
And glowy

The products i use are
the uk brand SIMPLE; I use the moisturzing facial cleanser
Olay refreshing toner
baby lotion lol
Almay smooth perfecting primer
(Idk if i can recommend this product because it smells like ASS; but it works??)
and Garnier BB cream in Dark (~for my crazy makeup days)

The BB cream for the most part is really good ;u;
It's really improved my skin over all
here are some comparison photos
sorry about the lighting
i'm not really that greenish yellow colour irl LOL

it doesn't really cover that much, but it covers enough
and it got rid of my redness which is great ;u;

Ignore my messy brows; I'm trying to grow them out ;A;
                                                       Idk how that's doing though haha

and here's something i was going to do for a tutorial
but because i was really sick last week i never got around to it

sorry about that ;~;

Here is some recent eye make I have done though

I've used NYX lashes in Bondage on the left
And both are using Diamond Lash princess eye on the bottom
The right is using some korean brand of eyelashes
I picked up at the dollar store;
I wasn't sure about them but i'm in love with them now LOL

They look like dupes of angel eye which i love ;u;

here is my face for good measure
a blogpost isn't right without pictures

i liked my makeup that day

Our Vegas trip has been moved to July 15
I'm super excited ;u;
I hate how hot it is and I really REALLY hate the desert but
it's Vegas~

also there was a live streaming of DIR EN GREY's documentary
for their age of quodis tour '11 and '12
I really wanted to watch it but
why would you pay to watch something online idgi,,,

I'll have to wait until I have enough money to buy the dvd itself
which is like $80
I love you guys but you're going to put your fans in debt LOL

thanks for reading

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  1. I love your eye makeup!!! You pull it off so well ^^