Thursday, 12 July 2012

Announcing the First Gaijin Gyaru Magazine!

copy and pasted from Chaudie's blogpost!

To my fellow Gyaru... 
 Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives,
 we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look. 
 Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve
. To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures... 
 To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front... 
 To those of you that want something made just for us... 
 We hear you. Today I am proud to officially announce the first ever Gaijin Gyaru Magazine, GAL VIP. Because every Gyaru is Important.


I've posted the new flyer to accommodate all of our models!

Here is more information on what GALVIP is on Chaudie's blog
GALVIP: Your questions answered

And here is a full staff list also from Chaudie's blog
GALVIP Staff and Model Blog List

thank you for reading and spread the word if you can ;u;

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