Tuesday, 28 August 2012

i Fairy Super Crystal review + Eye love Matsuge 006 Review

Sorry for the lack of posts lately
Animethon last week was great!
I meant to make a post about it but I got kind of lazy haha
Blogger is a piece of poop when it comes to editing so

Our lenses for our cosplays came a week late, but that's ok!
They're gorgeous lenses anyway
I can't remember the name of the lenses Nae got, but they're GEO and 14.0 blue ones
She said they're super comfortable so
I'll update with the name later whenever she comes by again in case any one is curious~
here's a picture of her wearing them
+ I did her makeup :-)

Anyway, on to the review!

I've been meaning to get these lenses for a really long time,
I wanted them in green originally but since we were planning on cosplaying i got them in Blue to match her eyes

The website (Which idk if i'll be ordering from again soon, i'm p sure they sent me the wrong bottles or they put the wrong information on the site since they did not match the info on the viles) On top of that, i ordered express shipping and they still came in in the same amount of time it would have took if i didn't pay extra
though that was the shipping company's fault not the website u__u;;

The website info says

Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
and the viles say
dia 14.5 / 8.6 bc / water content was not stated

As you can see the enlargement is PERFECT

The colour is really great too, I was expecting them to be super dark on my eyes but clearly that isn't the case with these ;u;
the empty space in the middle isn't too small which is a plus for me personally because I don't have to worry about lens drift in photos too much LOL

I'm really happy with these lenses akljfhalksdf they're so pretty even though i look weird with blue eyes??
they look ok
I'm happy with them ;u;

I'm a little disappointed in how uncomfortable they were when i tried them on
though it was probably because I got impatient with waiting for them to soak

They're comfortable, it's just I can feel the edges more with these than my other ones


I'll definitely be purchasing these again in the future in different colours~


Eye love matsuge 006 rabbit eye review

More info on this brand here ->  http://ciramisu.blogspot.ca/2011/07/eye-love-matsuge.html  covered beautifully by ciramisu!

These eyelashes were a lot shorter than i imagined, but the size is perfect for natural looks for when i start school again ;u;

The lashes look very delicate in the package so be extra careful removing them from the package!

Here's how they look on me (ignore the bad makeup, i did this in like 10 minutes haha)

They also look really 

I'll repurchase these again in the future! Mainly because my brother's dog got into one that was nae's pair and she ate them...
SO I cut the remaining in the package in half and gave it to nae
so we both have 2 pairs ;u;

Thanks for reading!!

Also I meant to post this last week; but I've been so lazy lately ahh
sorry about that

Here's a semi recent photo of my eyemake

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