Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn makeup tutorial

hey guys!!!
I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to make a makeup tutorial

I don't normally do my makeup this way so I thought, why not?
I think I'm gonna make these tutorials a monthly thing!
This theme is Autumn
so i thought
a burnt orange/black smokey eye kind of look would be perfect~
anyway, on to the tutorial!
The file is kind of small so i apologize,
also there was a lot of
stray hairs on my eyebrow (Which I never noticed
until I uploaded them wtf) so I tried to clone stamp those away
sorry about that hahaha ;A;

(You might have to open the image in a new tab, sorry ;A;)
yeah, hope you enjoyed it!!

Anyway, no life updates from me for a while
I haven't done anything interesting lately
I'm swamped in school work though


thanks for reading!!

Like my new background image? I made it myself ;u;

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