Friday, 22 March 2013

Kimchi Bambi Pink Review

I know his post is super late omfg 
Last week I finally got my lenses from loveshoppingholics! Shipping took 6 days and this is what i recieved

everything was packaged extremely well (3 envelopes actually) 
i received bottom lashes from toyoepin and Kimchi bambi pink + Geo lotus green
they gave me a cute anna sui styled eyelash case, dariya hair velcro strips and an eyemask as free gifts!
I gave the eyemask to my brother to try and he said it made his eyes really puffy haha

Here is what the bottles for these particular lenses looked like!!

they're super pretty imo

ok onto the actual review
here is the info from loveshoppingholics   

Origin: Korea Diameter : 16.0mm
 Water Content : 55% Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal

and here are the pictures of me wearing them :~)
(pls ignore my piercing i have no idea what was even going on omfg)

everything is out of 5 stars

Colour + Design : 
the colour unfortunately doesn't show up that pink on my eyes which is kind
of a bummer since i was really looking forward to trying an unnatural
colour of lens! However, the design is really what drew me in
i had similar lenses in green and they were my all time favs
These lenses are super unnatural and kind of creepy looking but!! That's ok :-)
I love that they're creepy haha
They appear kind of orange from far away which I think is kind of cool
my only thing with these lenses is
lens drift ofc
they can make you look a little,,,lazy eyed haha

Enlargement :

in all honesty these lenses are probably closer to 14.5/15.0 mm
and that's ok because they still enlarge SUPER well imo
the enlargement is PERFECT i'm so satisfied
the design makes them look a little small from far away but they're still
visibly larger :-DDD


Here is where i was really impressed; obviously wearing them you can still
feel the edges and it takes awhile to get used to
but they're actually kind of more comfortable than my previous bambi lenses
these ones however dry out faster so it's always a good idea to keep
eyedrops on hand
I wore them for a good 10 hours (yikes!) before needing to take them out and I got a lot of
compliments on them at school!

i'm extremely satisfied with these lenses!!!!

here are some photos from when i wore them w/ makeup~

have a nice day thank you for reading!!

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ciao !


  1. oh gosh, why u so cute ;__; ♥

  2. Great review! I was thinking about buying from there.
    Greetings from Vancouver! It's nice to see another Canadian Gyaru, I was beginning to think there weren't any XP