Sunday, 10 March 2013


First post in 2013!
I feel so bad for not updating in so long but I have??? Nothing to update about really

Expect more lens reviews/tutorials though
because i have no life and i recently made a big order haha

with January came the release of Rinkaku (i got the special edition uwu)
and!! I love it so much
I hung the poster up on my wall behind my bird's cage lol
The Akira Yamaoka remix isn't as creepy as i expected it to be
but it's still really nice sounding 
I also preordered the unraveling!! 
Really expensive (like $98!) and i'm mad at myself for spending so much on a mini
album but hey, it's my favourite band so??

February was pretty much a blur, It wasn't really that good a month in all honesty
this year hasn't been that good but that's ok! It's still the beginning of the year
and there's much more to come
My birthday is next month and i'm kind of nervous?
I'm one year closer to being an adult and it's really nerve wracking haha
school has been going fine i guess
except i'm stuck there for another year because i slacked off too much ww
but that's ok

Here's some semi recent pictures i guess??
trying more dramatic eye make + Natural makeup (no lenses bc mine expired www)

not really much a difference i say???
other than lighting making me look pale af obvs HAHAHA

yeah that's about it

As always, you can follow my tumblr
I'm on there p much everyday and it's much easier!!!
My theme was a redux edit by Nae and i'm proud bc
it's really cute aaah
anyways, yeah!!
Sorry for being so inactive because i've noticed i've gained
(some) followers and i'm???
haven't posted in monTHS AND I FEEL BAD LOL
go follow my tumbl i'm
much more active on there i promise

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