Friday, 11 October 2013


So as I write this it is currently 2:53 am Friday morning

I have a lot of plans, or (well not really), for this weekend
one of which being Nikki's birthday dinner later! I'm not 100% sure if i'm for sure going, but it honestly did mean the world to me that I was even invited in the first place! My bro also invited me to this pokemon ,,thing?? on Saturday and again i'm not sure if it's concrete or not but i'm excited! Mostly because, well,
pokemon man, and of course the always fun family bonding time which was something I always really liked. 

Lets seeeeeeeeeeeee quick recap of this week; 
I went to school on Tuesday! I wore a really REALLY cute outfit that i unfortunately forgot to take pics of :-\\\\ I'm 3/4 done my math course which is really exciting hehe. I went home early that day though, mostly because I just?? wasn't really feeling it I guess. If anything, I just go there and drop off/pick up work which is fine by me considering the fact no one I know even goes there anymore except Lance and we don't really talk as much as I'd like lol. BUT It's all good because it's given me a lot of free time to myself and being me not using that time wisely i watched SOOO MUCH ANIME i'm weaboo trash tbh

I've watched and completed watamote! which i've been kind of iffy about ngl BUT IN ALL HONESTY I really enjoyed it omfg I thought it was hella funny
I also caught up with Oyasumi Punpun and frick man that manga destroyed me i hate everything please PLS check it out if you have the time, also check out Asano Inio's other works too, they're incredible omfg

I've also started drawing more seriously and i'm trying to improve as much as possible because I don't think i'm good at anything else so i might as well work with what i got right? anyway, here's a quick sketch dump i guess (linking from tumblr cus i'm lazy n i'm trash)

And today! I got the first of my packages!! Recently i found i had a lot of extra money i had no idea about so i splurged a lil omg i've been really really really sad lately and i felt like i needed to treat myself something nice so i got a cute kogal outfit from Bodyline, some shoes also from Bodyline and an extra bow bc I wasn't really feelin the one the outfit came with hehe I also ordered a winter jacket and two dresses from Dreamv i'm still waiting on sobs
here's pics of what i got anyway

the shoes are seriously amazing omfg LIKE i mean you're paying for what you get on the site but I was more impressed by the fact that they fit perfectly and were SUPER comfy uwu!! 
here's a quick pic of me wearing it wwww i have really messy
makeup here though haha

Anyway, this post was super jumpy and I'm a horrible writer sobs but I hope you guys have a good weekend! 

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