Saturday, 1 October 2011

Nail commission + An eyelash review I guess lol

this week has been incredibly slow omg
I'm going to do a super quick re-cap and if you're only interested in the ~*review*~ just scroll down 

This week started off okay, I was waay too tired to be in school and I don't know why I felt really sick. I had a reaction from not eating so Nae and I went to grab some chocolate or something so I wouldn't get sick and I ended up feeling worse
I felt better in Class, but I fell asleep so I just went home.

Wednesday was the Terry Fox run, which was alright. I wore my creepers that day though so I had to walk 5 km bare foot .__. I'm still really sore from that! 

Then, Thursday, It was alright. Joanne and Jaron, Mackenzie and Nicki and Molly were there, I don't know where Micheal and Kirsten were ;~; But it was really fun! We laughed so much LOL We were so loud, I didn't even start my science module yet ;__; but it's okay.
So overall, it was rather slow and slightly depressing but I'm okay.

On Wednesday Flower asked to commission some nails from me, I finished them the same night
and here is a picture

I'm not really pleased with the fourth one, I might re do it before she pays me ;~;
I'm also working on another set for a lovely girl named Marina who'd like
a more Dark themed set. 
I was thinking of using my nightmare before christmas stickers for hers ;v;


These lovely eyelashes are
standard eyelashes you can find
in the bins at Forever 21
I got these ones because of their Unique shape that I thought would
be lovely for gyaru

I REALLY love the shape of these, the individual gaps between 
the lashes really drew me in lol

The band isn't too thick, but it's not thin either
They are really comfortable!
I really like that they're extra wide, this makes it easier
to extend your eye more without using an extra pair  (If you're into that)

They are really shiny though, But I don't really see how that
should be a problem unless someone's gonna look at you overhead lol

Here is a picture of me wearing them ;

This is an over head photo 

Eye make Photos;
this is a really bad photo omg i apologize for that LOL

For comfort; I'd give them a full 5/5 because
They're eyelashes. Like, c'mon. You can get used to them lol.

They're really noticeable, so a 4/5 for that

and for the price, I'd really recommend it! There's a lot of really neat styles to choose from ;v;


so yeah

here is a picture of my hair
from yesterday

I tried Suji again, it turned out alright i think; though I could not for the life of me get a good photo .-.


thanks for reading.

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