Monday, 26 September 2011


this weekend was fantastic!
We went shopping and we got gorgeous outfits and eyelashes LOL
This is what i got;

It was really fun!
We didn't really have time to dress up but here are some pictures
we took in chapters rofl

We got some hardcore reading done xoxo

We bought some nice hair extensions for Nae, we both got shit tonnes of eyelashes
She got a nice floral dress and I got a floral one piece *v*
We also got some hats and scarves, some makeup, nails and shoes!

So Nae came over today also, and we dressed up and took some pictures
tell me what you think? haha


I had to remake my tumblr so
you won't find it under it's normal url
you can find it at
Once some things settle down again i'll change it back ~

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