Wednesday, 2 November 2011


this is going to be a lengthy post i guess
ignore it lol

so basically
i've decided to stop posting pictures for a while;
i'm working on my wardrobe and self image for a little while
it's nothing too big ;u;
I'd rather wait until i have pretty cluthes before i take pretty pictures LOL

Halloween was gr8
went to the mall w/ nae

got some cool sollux glasses
nothing new i guess

I'm saving up for a keyboard;
i was meant to get one last year but i guess nothing happened
so i'm just using my own money to get one
i love piano music and i've always loved playing it
this way i'll get better
maybe one day i'll make my own music!
The future isn't too far off i guess

I've been obsessed with dubstep lately;
it's all i've been listening to ; ;

I've also been super obsessed with hime as of late;
I think i'm going hime LOL
I have a jacket on the way, a wig (i never ordered yet, i just have the money put away in a safe place!) and some pretty dresses from makiko online shop! I'm hoping to have enough one day to own an actual la pafait dress ;_;

I was thinking of doing ora ora kei as a side style??? IDK
For my lazy days maybe

i don't know.
my thoughts are everywhere.

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