Monday, 6 February 2012


I've decided I'm going to start marking each post by Dates
Lately I'm finding it so difficult to update here often and I sincerely apologize for that;
Some recent and kind of interesting updates I guess
I'm getting my green circle lenses soon ;u;
I'm not quite sure when, but I'm doing a group order with Nae~
I've also finally organized my Wishlist some more, which was needed hahaha

I'm sorry this post is going to be quite boring; I've been really busy and
kind of isolated the past few days. I'm not quite sure where
or why this feeling has come, but I'm sure it'll pass.
I'm actually kind of enjoying it for a bit.

My tumblr is Kawaiikind.tumblr
so if you're honestly interested in shit I do on a daily basis, you should follow!
It's a hell of a lot more interesting than here to be honest
I'm super annoying though haha

Here's a few drawings and shit I've done in the past week


Jade and Dave u__u
I feel like the only decent drawings I do lately are just
homestuck related lol
I've been in a huge slump with my drawings and I really hate it ;~;
They never seem to come out how I really want them too and it frustrates me adskfjag

this was something I did out of boredom LOL
I wanted a ~kawaii~ cree syllabic chart 
I was tired of looking at my boring black and white Syllabic
chart I got from my old school
I figured if I made a cute one it wouldn't look
so displaced on my wall lol
I forgot to label what sounds they are, but that's ok
I've memorized them completely so I
guess it's kind of unnecessary lol. 

thanks for reading.

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