Saturday, 4 February 2012

eventful week

this last week and a half has been really eventful; I keep forgetting to update about it though lol

Last Saturday I went to A taste of animethon with Nae and Tia

I took a picture of Edmonton roris ;u;
and here is a picture of a cute dave cosplayer 
these were like
the only pictures we took LOL
We also have a video of Nae going up to that dave cosplayer
and calling them hot 
it was really funny

me and nae
and nae and tia ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ 
Here are some of the stuff i got while there!
I FINALLY got a Dir en grey wall scroll thing
I've always always wanted a physical poster or something
to hang up and i finally have one ;u;
I was so happy
I also got a Rilakkuma bag, rilakkuma and korilakkuma keychain
an armor ring and nae got me some kawaii hair clips ;u;

I finished Skyward Sword on Tuesday morning at like 4 am
I'm so sad omg
;~; I might play hero mode but idk
i just
feel like something's missing now LOL
fml i love zelda


I also went to the mall with Nae on Tuesday
I got January's Issue of Popteen
July and June's issues of Ranzuki
and this cute ring at ALDO
I also had School on Thursday and got new work
I'm almost done!!!

I'm really too lazy to go into extreme detail but this was a fun week!
My hair is really fading and we seem to be in a shortage of red hair dye...
I'll soon have more though! ;A; I hope...
thanks for reading
( =①ω①=)

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