Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Eye make tutorial!

OK I meant to make this post sooner but I have been so busy and what not
also lazy
mostly lazy

Anyway I posted this picture of my eye on tumblr a few days ago

It managed to get over 99 notes 8(
I was so surprised like WHY

Here's basically How I did that look
but with a more natural palette 

I'm really new to this so if I've forgotten something or whatever just tell me hahaha

I've also made this Graphic to go with it

You guys can use it to!
thanks for reading
I'll have an actual post up
I promise haha


  1. Thank you for the tutorial ♥
    I must try this sometime, love the effect!

  2. I love this tutorial!!! Ordered some new lashes so can't wait to try this out once I get them ^^ Thanks for posting this tutorial ^^