Friday, 26 October 2012


Haven't updated in a while as per usual

How is everyone?
my blogs rating has been dropping dramatically from lack of updating haha lol

sorry about that
Life's been taking up my time
and by that i mean
i've literally done nothing but play animal crossing all day for the past week
I guess i'll recap my last 2 weeks

I spent the night at tia's last saturday (13th) and it was pretty fun!
I fell asleep on her bed at around 5 am and she woke me up and we didn't get back to sleep till around
7 am haha
We walked around town at night
here's a picture of her pooping an ice
(Actually it was a huge ass pile of ice in the middle of the parking lot wtf)

We watched tekkon kinkreet then i went home.

Nae came to school on the following tuesday with animal crossing!! She got me animal crossing i was so happy omg ;u;
she then came home with me and we played for like 4 hours haha
it was actually a really good week for me, which was surprising. I expected something bad to come out of it because
I haven't had more than one really good day in a while, right? Well i kind of confirmed my suspicions when Nae came over this Saturday to spend the night. Turns out she was moving to her mom's in high level (which is like 14 hours away by bus) so we baked a cake at like 3 am and watched samurai champloo. It was a really good day, i'm really really really sad that she left though ;~;
You know that episode of the simpsons when milhouse moves away and bart gets really sad
like a piece of him is missing? That was me all week. The one time I find a best friend irl that
is super nice and isn't a condescending jerk like everyone else and they leave... I felt so alone again after
wishing for a friend for so long. I guess I saw it coming though, and, i'm happy she's happy! I know how much she missed her mom and stuff so yeah. It's kind of bittersweet, no? She said she'd be back again before she left again though, maybe we'll go shopping like old times?

It was also picture day on Wednesday, it was kinda fun. I made plans with Tasha and Molly to go see a movie on saturday (tomorrow)
I took a bunch of pics that day with them but
i'm too lazy to upload them, so sorry about that LOL
Also today Tasha texted me a picture of Sakurina's fairy lash that her friend bought for her and was surprised i knew what brand they were haha! I'm jealous ngl ;u;

Halloween's next week, was gonna go trick or treating with nae but
now i have no plans haha
which is sad, I've looked forward to Halloween all year and now idk what i'm gonna do
it was like that with animethon too, we made plans and we only ended up going one day haha
I've learned my lesson to not expect anything, or look forward to things. It always brings disappointment.
I'd write more about my feelings and stuff but I really don't think it's worth a read, my life is boring and I myself am pretty boring.

Here's some recent pics tho

Some shirts my mom bought for me while waiting for dad at his meeting
in Edmonton
We wondered around the mall for an hour then picked up dad
then went home haha
eye makeup from a few days ago; haven't done dramatic
in a really long time, it felt nice ;u;

It's also started snowing on the rez
So, time for thick ass jackets and boots 8(
I love winter because it's so gorgeous and romantic and
nostalgic feeling, but I hate not being able to dress nice all the time LOL

Thanks for reading
peace peace ☆彡

The Halloween issue of GALVIP was released,

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