Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hey guys

long time no see, huh??
I haven't really been feeling it lately and i apologize for the absence,
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

Mine was very good ;u;

i got a blackberry playbook!! Also the panty and stocking dvd set so i'm happy ;u;
i got everyone really great presents too, they were very happy and i'm glad 

I'm still waiting on 2 presents though, one of them is the RINKAKU single! I'm very excited, I got the limited edition and the regular edition for nae for christmas. I've never ordered a single from my favourite band before so i'm really really excited and just?? idk this means a lot to me ;u;  I'm a little upset over how long it's taken considering how much i paid extra for it ugh
oh well
I'm also planning on preordering THE UNRAVELING whenever I come across more money ;A;

This band is eating up my pretty clothes fund >:I

Nothing has really been happening in my life, anything exciting I mean.
I do have some plans for the future though, as now is the time for resolutions and such, one of them is losing a little bit of weight and actually finishing school stuff haha
I'm not sure why, but i haven't had motivation for literally anything lately and whenever i try to do something i get so drained and it's frustrating

I've had to throw away my super crystal blue lenses ;~; I'm very upset bc they were really gorgeous lenses
i'm kind of relieved tho, because they were also uncomfortable idk
They dried out because someone knocked them over and didn't bother picking it up ugh

i'm not gonna post a lot of pictures bc they're literally all of me and that's boring
but you can follow my tumblr i guess

i never update here anymore and i'm sorry haha
i'm on tumblr like everyday tho so
follow me there, i post pics a lot and i might start making makeup tutorials again

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