Saturday, 7 January 2012

eyelash cheat????

Hey there! I'm being strangely active lately (Two posts at once!!!)
but that's not important right now
I've been reading Maii's tutorial and it really inspired me!

I've been re-knotting my own bottom lashes and top lashes
while I wait to order more brand ones ;u;

I've created some really good bottom lashes out of
Ardell lashes in 108
I lost the picture i took of them, but this is how they look
after i pushed the fibers together in order of thickness so i was left
with around 9 thicker strands, i cut one off the end because
it looked like a ratty mess
 and was left with something similar to diamond lash' baby eye!
Again, i forgot to take pictures
but here is how they look when worn ;u;
this was the last photo of me in 2011 by the way LOL

I also did the same thing with ardell 105's!

They look really similar to Diamond lash's Angel eye!
Here is a direct comparison 

They could actually be cheap dupes for it! 
You could probably even double them up to make them thicker
I only bought one pack though LOL

Also! If you're wondering how I doubled up the fibers, I made this 
little diagram to show you
It's basically like
You push the first 2 together and repeat that on the next two
then do it in thirds till you get to the end
you can cut the end off if you like, or even do it in fourths!
I might do that with the next pack I buy ;u;



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  1. Oh gosh!
    thanks so much for sharing! :O I never thought to push the fibres together to change the shape of the eyelash
    I'm going to try that out for sure! :D