Saturday, 7 January 2012

and then i partied hard

hi i came to dump photos and give a brief summery of my past week

I had school on Tuesday and Wednesday, today too but i didn't go lol. I finished my modules and got new ones; I'm almost finished my grade 10-11 courses for humanities!! I can start 12th grade stuff by next month :-)))!!

If I keep going like this, i could finish school by next year :o


Thursday I went to Kristen's 18th birthday party! It was really fun, I didn't really feel like dressing up that day so i just threw on whatever and left lol

It was really fun though! I got her a big basket full of chocolate, and i didn't know there was liquor filled chocolates until Miranda took a bite and her mouth swelled up because she's allergic to alcohol, i was like LOL WHOOPS........... No, but she ended up being ok ;u;
We played truth or dare, Nicki drew a weird face on my tummy, Gerrod and Joanne grabbed my tits ._. and uh, yeah that was pretty much the highlight of that
here are some pics i guess lol

Keep in mind i'm sick and really exhausted so i look really awkward ;___;

Kristen and I
i should make this my profile picture i look so fly
wrapping chase up in scarves during truth or dare
and with the rest of the tribe lmfao
i'm covering my mouth because i was scared i'd make a weird face LOL
from left to right;
back; brandon jaron chase joanne wynona gerrod
and front; shannon me miranda and kristen!
Not pictured; Molly and Nicki and some other girl lol

yeah if you've ever wondered what native american's look like when they're together
you get pretty much this LOL

I meant to make this a post a few days ago, but blogger wasn't working properly

I was also supposed to go to the museum with my brother and his girlfriend on friday...Didn't happen
i was really upset lol ;~;
I also got asked on a date with Sienna today
but she didn't have a ride
that was also really upsetting, i really wanted to see her and i really like her ;~~;
thanks for reading

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