Sunday, 15 January 2012



Again this week has been extremely uneventful as I had no school all week.......
I DO however have 2 days this week so it should be all good
Leoshia came over on Friday and left today, it was really fun! We watched Beauty and the Beast in 3d, we're lucky we didn't get kicked out of the theatre because we were so loud...We didn't even really watch the movie LOL

This month is going fine I guess,
I have a biopsy on the 26th for the scabs on my face ;~; I'm really scared, I have perfect skin except for those scabs and now I have to get them tested because they don't know what they are adfjadf
Either way, I'm going to be left with a nasty scar haha ;~;
I'm not in the mood to blog lol
here are some pics I guess

Lately I've been thinking of getting into fairy kei as a side style?
I don't know, it looks so fun! I won't 'leave' gyaru, i just
what's so fun about dressing the same everyday, you know lol
I don't know, my friend Katie has been really getting me interested in it so
I might try soon??
I don't know yet though ;~;

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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