Wednesday, 7 September 2011


This week has been really uneventful lately
i did go shopping though,
i picked up a really nice vintage locket and matching earrings.
I also got these really cute polka dot tights, a cardigan and a striped mini skirt.
I also did my nails again!

They're a really nice Minty colour, i really like it
though the colour itself reminds me of a 50's kitchen linoleum floor. . .

I really like them though ;v; these ones got more comments than my last nails which had hello kitty 
plastic parts all over them
these ones got a lot of hate which is really surprising, since they're lighter than my
last ones LOL

Here are some harsh lighted pictures i took of the computer screen lmfao

here is also a picture of my make that day
I don't know why, I've been really lacking in confidence lately.
Mainly because this was the first time I received harsh comments about 
my nails and shit, but I guess it's normal, 
I'm used to it LOL

Nae's coming over tomorrow, what adventures we will
embark on, no one knows.


I came up with a new AU for homestuck 
I feel really nerdy talking about this omg
it's gyaru!stuck
the characters
in gyaru clothing.
Here's Vriska in a cocolulu sweater and MA*RS skirt

Augh, I really want that sweater. I want it in the Blue & Red combo

I'm also planning to order a really nice GLAD NEWS jacket, 
I was considering getting a liz lisa skirt too but I guess that can wait
I'm really excited for this, 
I've never ordered clothing (except for my dave shirt, which will be here soon i hope) before
Let alone Brand clothing,
so I'm really excited for this! ; ;

this is the jacket by the way!

Maybe next I'll get some cute heels!
I'm tired of wearing boots all the time ;~;

I'm also saving up on ordering my first pair of circle lenses,
the ones i'm getting are 3 tones gray, I wanted to start off with a more natural look I guess
I'm really nervous though,
because my natural eye colour is really weird, i'm scared I'll look gross with them ;~;

Well yeah
I had a lot more to update on
but seeing as it's going to be really slow and boring for the next week,
my life won't be very interesting.

i can't english
whatever rofl

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