Thursday, 1 September 2011

boop boop

hey guys

omg so i'm trying to update more and more
but my life is so boring omg
also that's a drawing of me i did LOL
I feel like i could work the shit out of that shirt when i ever get it

So I've started a small 'fund' with my friend for our shirts,
i figure this way it'll keep me from spending my money on other shit LOL

I'm also ordering the 3 tone gray circle lenses from thedollyeye
and more diamond lash because
i only have one left
and i feel like 
it's mocking me

I registered at school today
i'm taking advanced courses in everything
it's actually really refreshing, I'm glad I'm going to this school now *A*


I made a fansign for my friend Lukas, []
I really like this picture ;__;
my eyes look really nice it's odd ;A;
and here's a more unattractive picture of me drinking from a blood bag LOL

I look really tired in these photos, mainly because i stayed up all night prior 8)
it was GREAT

have a nice day guys

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