Monday, 19 September 2011

New nails + Small Update

Boop boop boop
So these are my nails this week!
They're fairly simple than what I normally wear,
but I like them.
They have teddy bears on them (゜ω゜)

So Nae came over this weekend, it was really fun!
We looked at wigs, we're getting our dave and john
wigs from cosplaywigsusa sometime next week maybe
I was planning on getting a peachy coloured wig from mintymix sometime
soon as well.
Our little fun box has become our joined bank LOL
We're saving up for brand clothing for both of us and more wigs!
And eyelashes of course ;v;

So, like around 4 weeks ago maybe, this girl asked me to make her
a pair of dread falls, I haven't worn them in over a year
actually. So I told her i'll make her a pair for
around $60
She agreed
and she's getting them this week
only problem
i didn't start until last night .___.
But it's okay!
I'll finish them before Thursday, I was working all night on them!

I'm really happy, someone is paying me for making stuff LOL

Well, that's it I guess.
I'll try to update this blog every sunday/monday/ weekend i guess
I update my tumblr daily, much to the point of annoyance
follow if you want!

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