Tuesday, 13 September 2011

hey there

so i had my first day if school today
I am so wiped out omg
i came home
and just 
passed out for a good 3 hours rofl
i really like it there though, it was really fun!
Also since i'm getting bored of talking about my day
have a picture of my nails
these are the ones i got at forever 21, 
I thought they looked cool and it'd give me a nice
break from making them
oh god
they're so long
like omg ar3oie;fma
in more exciting news
i'm now dating my good friend simon rofl
this is embarrassing to talk about
but yeah
i have a date with him on friday
i'm really excited ;v;

nothing much to this post
just to show that i'm still here
i don't know how to reply to comments
so when i get comments
i get super happy
then saddened that i can't comment back LOL

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